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Individual and group classes are based on original author's methods, which include exercises, complexes and techniques of Eastern, European and other health practices and systems.
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Minsk, Kozlova 17a SC "Lazurny"
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About us

Shienok Vladimir Petrovich
Doctor of Law, Professor.
In addition to basic legal education, he also has a special education in recreational physical education, sports and therapeutic massage.
He constantly improves his professional level, learning health-improving methods and techniques from leading masters.
The holder of the highest white belt in kung fu.
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Main directions

Physical culture and health
Scientific and pedagogical
Martial arts

Raja yoga (Sahaj Marg, Heartfulness)

The Sahaj Marg (Heartfulness) hierarchy of masters in the mid-20th century revived the ancient technique of raja yoga, the secret of which had been lost centuries ago. The basis of the practice is individual meditation. This practice allows you to achieve a balanced state of mind, relax the body, remove emotional experiences stored in the memory, and resist stress. This is the way to a new world, a world of harmony and happiness.
The international non-profit project Heartfulness is represented in more than 130 countries around the world.
Heartfulness - -

Kung Fu

Kung fu in the true sense of the word means art, mastery of any business, and not just martial arts. The understanding of Kung Fu as an analogue of martial arts came along with Hollywood films. Everything related to mastering kung fu is covered with a veil of mysteries, secrets. According to legend, kung fu came to China from India along with Buddhism. Its founder is the Indian monk Bodhidharma (Damo). That is why, for real knowledge of the essence of kung fu, many of the students of the Harmony of Health school practice Heartfullness meditation.

Recreational physical culture (RPC)

As Carlos Castaneda said: all people are well able and know how to bring their body to a deplorable state, but unfortunately, few people think that it is also possible to restore lost abilities and the state of the human body, to gain health.
This goal is pursued by individual and group recreational physical education classes, which are carried out taking into account the age, condition, constitution and other characteristics of a person.
OFC helps to improve overall well-being, recovery from injuries, increase efficiency, restore sleep, and normalize weight. Prevention of injury and disease.
OFC classes are recommended for people of all age groups, taking into account individual characteristics. It is especially important for child athletes, as the body is constantly evolving and more prone to injury.
Our classes are based on unique author's methods, synthesizing the philosophy, methods and techniques of health systems in many countries of the world.

COVID 19 Rehabilitation

The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious test for every person and society. The consequences of this disease, the degree of their severity is difficult to predict, but everything is far from being as pessimistic as many people think. The Harmony of Health School offers a comprehensive methodology for the prevention and restoration of a normal state of health after an illness, taking into account the individual characteristics of a person. It includes meditation-relaxation, energy massage, breathing exercises, special physical exercises and their complexes, etc.

Scientific and pedagogical

Preparation and publication of scientific articles on general issues of human health. Classes in sports clubs, sections for special physical and psychological training; training students and taking qualifying exams in kung fu (belt program); speeches with lectures, presentations on non-traditional methods of healing a person.
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